Born out of MIT’s Media Lab, Swarm technology is a new innovation, inspired by nature, and designed for city streets.  

Imagine you are riding a bike or scooter through the city at night; speeding vehicles and dimly lit streets provide you with a limited sense of security. You notice another rider nearby, and then another. All of your lights are pulsing together. You may not know each other, but for the moment, you feel safer, riding together, creating a temporary but natural swarm.

Our mission is to enhance the safety and joy of sustainable mobility by illuminating the rider community in synchrony.

Group rides, bike parties, swarms: Social cycling brings people together and creates memories. Swarm technology enhances the rider experience while promoting sustainable mobility.

Inspired by the natural synchrony emerging in swarms of nocturnal insects such as crickets and fireflies, lights synchronize across nearby Swarm riders, unifying their collective presence. When riders enter a 50-foot radius of other Swarm riders, their lights synchronize in a visible pattern. When a rider leaves the proximity of other Swarm riders, their lights return to their steady state, continuing to broadcast for other swarms.


The Swarm Effect increases visibility, safety, community, sustainability, and joy.


Clear and distinct presence on the road. 


Enhanced presence to motorists with a “safety in numbers” effect, multiplying with additional riders.


Creates more opportunities to connect with each other, boosting mental health.


A greater incentive to ride can reduce dependence on CO2 emitting vehicles. 


Creates a fun opportunity for people of all ages and ability to ride together.

Our team is a group of urban planners, micromobility experts, and engineers innovating and advocating for livable streets and cities. We believe in a world where the future of mobility will be sustainable, equitable, and joyful. 

One small action causes a chain reaction as the network effect of playful lights grows into a brighter display, promoting sustainable mobility and creating shared experiences.

Product testing is currently underway in North America.

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